Hello everyone, my name is Nikhil. I’ve recently moved to Bangaluru and have just started to explore this labyrinth of a city. Introverted by nature, I’m a born daydreamer. Sometimes as ignorant of my surroundings as we have been of Pluto’s heart till now.

I’ve never been one for words. I tend to speak less, be precise and hate to have to repeat myself. Keeping a conversation going on with me is a burden one has to bear if I’m not interested in the topic. It’s a whole different game if I am. You’d have to literally walk out on me to stop even a simple chat if I start babbling about something that interests me.

I simply love reading books. Anything, anytime, anywhere I’m ready to start a book and be lost in the painting of words. Unless I’m the one doing the talking, the more words the better and I hate this disparity (well not really, only when I’m in a pensive mood).

This blog is here to remedy that. I hope I’m as expressive in my posts as the books I love to read. So look forward to me ranting about.. , well just ranting. Good to have you here.


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