Stupid Short Stories


He looks at his watch one more time as he waited for her in the parking lot.

*sigh* “Why can’t she ever be on time??”

‘You know.. she’s going to break your heart’ – a voice said inside him.

“No, she won’t. I think she likes me.”

‘Yup, she will. And she doesn’t.’

“She does.”

‘Certainly not in the way you think’

He tries hard to ignore this voice.

‘You know she’ll leave you. They all do. And when she does, it will hurt. And from the way you feel, it will be worse than ever.’

Just as he tries to deny it, he spots her coming towards him and wispers softly to himself, “Maybe. It will definitely hurt. But just a ‘maybe’ won’t make me stay away from her now will it?”

She hugs him as they meet and smilingly he hugs her back.


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