The View

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Lookin’ Out My Back Door.”

As I looked up from my novel, my eyes automatically searched for the window in my room to look outside. There is something uncanny about the fact that my eyes always search for the sky after I stop reading. Maybe my mind is not yet ready to come back into this world and the endless sky helps the transition. The view I got was not something I expected. Instead of vast expanses of fields under the endless sky what I saw was a large wall of the adjoining building. Startled, I look back into my room; recognition came in a few seconds. It had been a little over a month since I moved in this city but still, moments like these leave me wondering if I’ll ever really fit in.

The window is large enough to provide view of two balconies of the opposite apartment building. The balconies have large full sized glass doors to access them and iron railings on the other side providing a small space to stand, a luxury in this city if you can believe me. One of the apartments, if my memory serves me right, had been empty until last week; but now a few clothes were hanging on the clothesline. I guess I got a new neighbor.

I shifted on my bed a little to get a good look at the sky above. It had been a little cloudy in the morning but now it felt murky and dark grey. I would not have minded a light drizzle but this city is rarely their destination, only a landmark to better places to rest. A light cold breeze found me through this concrete maze and through my window. Feeling a little fresh, I caught myself smiling and thinking what perfect weather it was to read. Missing the cup of coffee I would have beside me at home, I picked the novel to start again. A small thought floated at the back of my mind as I read a few lines:

‘Another window with a view, just taken in a little differently.’


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